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Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs

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We offer traditional cognitive-behavioral therapies along with dynamic group and individual counseling to offer services to help you overcome your challenge.
In 1986, Maryland Counseling Centers introduced the first state-approved private outpatient rehabilitation centers in Frederick and Rockville. Since that time, we have instituted a variety of specialized programs to meet the needs of the legal community, the courts and their monitoring agencies.

We strive to maintain consistent quality in our treatment and offer services at rates that are affordable to a broad spectrum of clients. Services are eligible for reimbursement by most private medical insurance plans.

Our program is certified by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Administrative Offices of the Courts. We provide written evaluations, progress reports, and suggested treatment strategies to assist in the provision of legal services. Our court testimony is designed to help judges better understand a client’s clinical history and prognosis at sentencing.

Maryland Counseling Centers’ staff is comprised of experienced, credentialed
professionals from both mental health and substance abuse backgrounds.

Program Director

Frederick J. Oeltjen, PhD has over 45 years of experience in mental health and substance abuse care. He began his career as Assistant to the Surgeon General of the United States. Shortly thereafter he joined the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to oversee clinical and administrative service at the state and community level throughout the country. He began the private practice of clinical psychology in 1978 and served as the chief consulting psychologist for the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Center at Montgomery General Hospital from 1984-1999. Maryland Counseling Center was founded under Dr. Oeltjen’s direction in 1986.



Wayne Rhee, PhD.
Clinical Psychologist

Margaret Silverberg, LCSW-C
Clinical Social Worker

Victoria Sterling, LCSW-C
Clinical Social Worker

Misha Politano, LCSW-C
Clinical Social Worker

Daria Todor, LCSW-C
Clinical Social Worker
Employee Assistance Counselor